Tải bản đầy đủ - 102 (trang)
Homework - Write the whole story in their notebooks

Homework - Write the whole story in their notebooks

Tải bản đầy đủ - 102trang

- Monitor and help Ss with words or structures while they are writing
- After Ss finish, Call on some Ss to write them on the board each student has a
picture and write with that one IV Post - writing Correction
- Ask Ss to look at the board and correct - Ask some to read aloud this story

V. Homework - Write the whole story in their notebooks

- Do exercise. Work in
Whole class work
with T and fell onto the road. Her
school bag went into a pool of water and
everything got wet, Strangely, the rain stopped
as she got to her classroom, Luckily, Uyen
had enough time to finish her exam.
Period 72 Date of planning .
Date of teaching: .
unit 11: Traveling around viet nam Lesson 6 : Language focus 1 2 P108- 109
I Aim: Helping Ss practice in using -ed and -ing participles II Objective: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to use present and past participles
to describe things or people III Teaching aids : Ssbook , Pictures P108-109 2 posters with gap fill , cards
Procedure Stages Steps Teachers activities
Ss activities
Note board
I.Warm up: Kims game - Ask Ss to open their book and observe
the picture on P109 carefully. Let Ss look at the picture for 20 and ask
them to close their book - Divide class into 2 teams and ask each
team to go to the board and write from memory the name of the things they have
just seen in the picture - The team has the most right words is
the winner. - Have Ss open the book again, go
through the words and correct. Language focus 1
II Presentation 1 Pre-teach vocab:
Whole class work
Work in 2 teams
Team A TeamB
box bear
doll ..................
flower bear
................ ..................
Answer key Box , bear , doll, elephant ,
robbit, flower, truck
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que Thanh Luong Secondary School –
- Have Ss open their books and look at the picture on P108
- Set the scence : Its time for teacher, Ss and people at Quang Trung School are in
the school yard: What are they doing? - Ask question and call on Ss to answer
then correct - Make other questions with each person
in the picture similarly - Elicit the target language by asking the
question below then have Ss repeat - T: Who is the man walking up the
stairs? - The man walking up the stairs is Mr
Quang present participle
- Write on the board - Have Ss copy on the board
Concept check Q: Whai is verb form of this sentences?
-Q: When do we use this participle? - Have Ss copy down

III. Practice 2.Word cue drill

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Homework - Write the whole story in their notebooks

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