Tải bản đầy đủ - 102 (trang)
homework Ask ss to use the same format to write another

homework Ask ss to use the same format to write another

Tải bản đầy đủ - 102trang

- Getss to give their prediction TF.
- Ask ss to look at the leter on P84 and complete it with right verb forms
- Monitor and help ss with the tense forms - Call on some to give then answers and correct
- Ask ss to read the whole leter and check if their pridiction are right or not correct
III While-Writing: 4. Questions and answers:
-Tell ss they are going to write a thank you note to a friend invite him her to go to on a
picnic with them
-Put the poster with the questions P85 on the board
- Ask some ss to answer the question orally - Have ss practise speaking to each other
- Monitor and correct - Ask ss to join the sentences into a passage not
put any numbers: eg 1.2.3 .. to make it a thank- you note
- Tell ss to write their letters on the piece of paper to hand in or in their exeicise notebook
IV Post writing 5. Exhibition.
- Divide the class into 4 groups and choose the letter randomly in each group
- Ask 4 groups to copy 4 chosen letters on posters then put them on the board
- Compare the poster and correct - Call on some more ss to read their letters for
the class if possible - Give feed back anf correct.

V. homework Ask ss to use the same format to write another

letter to another friend for another occasion Work
individual ly
- Work individual
ly - Whole
class work with T
Whole class
listen Whole
class look at the
Work in pair
Work individual
Work in 4 groups
2. Hoas gift cheerd Nga up.
3. Ngad like Hoa to see her at the hospital.
4. Nga is very bored now.
5. Nga writes the letter at the hospital
Answer key 1. F flowers
2. T 3. F at her house
4. T 5.F at her house
Poster; -
What did your friend give you?
- on what occasion? - What was were it they
like? - How did you feel when you
recieved the present? - How do you feel now?
- Do you want to invite your friend somewhere?
- If so, then when? - How will you contact with
your friend?
Suggested letter Dear Lan.
Thank you very much for the present you sent
me last week. It is very wonderful and it really
helped to cheer me up. Now I am very bored .I
want to go somewhere for a picnic. Will you go
with me on this weekend? Id love to see
you. I ll phone you on
Friday. Your friend
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que Thanh Luong Secondary School –
V. Giving the ideas after teaching: ...................................................................................................................................................
Period 59 Date of planning
Date of teaching: .
unit 9 : A first -aid course Lesson 5 : Listen - p8
I Aims: Listen to a paragraph for details about the activities taking places in an emergency room.
II Objective: By the end of the lesson, Ss can listen the details III Teaching aids : Ssbook , Picture on P82 P87 , posters
Procedure Stages Steps Teachers activities
Ss activities
Note board
I Warm up: Speaking - Stick picture on P87 on the board
- Ask ss to look at it and make offer, requests ,promises
- Call on some pair to demonstrate before class
- Correct them and give mark for good student.
II Pre-listening 1 Pre-teach vocab: Elicit words from ss
picture picture
2 Checking vocab: What and where - Say again the rule of the game and have
them play Work in
Whole class
work with T
Whole class
Picture a..........f on page 87
I Vocab: 1.an eye chart: bảng đo thị
lực 2. to wheel: đẩy
3. wheelchair: xe đẩy 4. a stretcher: cái cáng
5.a crutch cái nạng 6. scale: cái nôi
A. ambulance B. wheelchair
C. crutches D. eyechart
Teacher: Nguyen Thi Que Thanh Luong Secondary School –
3 Matching _Ask ss to look at the picture in their books
and match the letter A--F to correct words in their books
4 Order Predictions: - Rub out the letter A.B.C... but leave the
- Ask ss to guess and put number in the table on the poster on the board
III While-listening: - Ask Ssto listen to the tape 2 times and
check their predictions - Ask them to listen the last time and correct
- Ask Ss to fill in the table in the column You listen on the poster

5. TF Statements - Hang the poster with the statements on the

board - Ask Ss to read the statements carefully and
check if they understand the meaning of the statements
- Ask Ss to work in pair to decide which is true or false
- Ask Ss to listen the text again and correct
IV Post listening Write- it- up
- Ask Ss to write the story about the activities in the picture using the present

V. Homework

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homework Ask ss to use the same format to write another

Tải bản đầy đủ ngay(102 tr)