Tải bản đầy đủ - 219 (trang)
Warm up: 5’ Pre - reading : 10’ While- reading: 14’ Post - reading : 13’ Homework: 2’ Matching:

Warm up: 5’ Pre - reading : 10’ While- reading: 14’ Post - reading : 13’ Homework: 2’ Matching:

Tải bản đầy đủ - 219trang

C. Teaching procedure: Teacher’s and sts’ activities

I. Warm up: 5’

- Play a game: Brainstorm

II. Pre - reading : 10’

Preteach: - Sts read in chorus 3 times, then read
individually. Checking technique:
- Chose the best answer: a.
A. a Buddha c. A. a waterfall B. a cave B. a tribal
C. a slope C. an institute b. A. a tribe d. A. magnificent
B. a waterfall
B. A cave C. an institute
C. Buddha e. A. a slope
B. magnificent C. a waterfall
Predict: - Sts predict 3 things they often see in Ha
Long Bay Sapa.

III. While- reading: 14’

Sts check their prediction.
Matching: Sts read the advertisements again and guess
the meaning of these words and match.
- Sts read the advertisements again and do Read 1 on page 104, then work in pairs to
Content Brainstorm:
Ha Long
Bay. Phong Nha Cave
Da Lat Sapa

1. New words:

magnificent adj lộng lẫy, đầy ấn tợng
a Buddha n tỵng PhËt a tribal village n làng dân téc Ýt
ngêi a cave n hang, ®éng
an institute nhäc viƯn, viƯn nghiªn cøu
a waterfall n th¸c níc a mountain slope n sên nói
Answer: a. A. a Buddha
b. C. an institute c. A. a waterfall
d. B. A cave e. B. magnificent

2. Read: P. 102 - 104 Check their prediction:

Ha Long Bay Sapa - Magnificent caves - tribal
villages - beautiful limestone island - beautiful
mountain slopes
- quiet sand beaches -jungle streams

IV. Post - reading : 13’

- Read the advertisements carefully again and help these people who want to spend their
coming summer vacation in Viet Nam. Where should they go?

V. Homework: 2’ Matching:

World Heritage đá v«i Limestone khu nghØ m¸t
Offshore di s¶n ThÕ giíi
Eternal Spring c¸ch xa bê Resort mïa xu©n
vÜnh cưu Check the topics mentioned ....
1. caves : Ha Long Bay 2. flights to Ha Noi : Nha Trang
3. Hotels : Da Lat, Sa Pa, Ha Long Bay
4. Local transport : All 4 places. 5. Mini hotels : Ha Long Bay.
6. Mountain slopes : Sa Pa. 7. Railway : Nha Trang...
8. Restaurants : No information 9. Sand beaches : Ha Long Bay.
10. Tourist attractions : 4 places. 11. Types of food : No information.
12. Villages : Sa Pa 13. Waterfall : Da Lat
14. World Heritage : Ha Long Bay.
Answer: Where should these people go?
a. Andrew should go to Sa Pa because there are tribal villages there.
b. Mary should go to Nha Trang because there is an Oceanic institute.
c. John should go to Nha Rong Harbor because it is a place where President Ho
Chi Minh left Viet Nam in 1911. d. Joanne should go to Ha Long Bay .....
e. Donna should go to Da Lat .... -101 Do exercise in workbook.
-102 Prepare for the next lesson.
Week :25 Date of preparation:21-2
Date of teaching: 25-2
Period 67
Unit 11 : traveling around viet nam
Lesson 4 : Read A. Objectives:
Reading advertisements for specific information.
- Vocabulary: magnificent; a Buddha; a tribal village; a cave; an
institute; a water fall; a mountain slope
- Skills: Reading. B. Teaching aids:
- Lesson plan - PowerPoint

C. Teaching procedure:

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Warm up: 5’ Pre - reading : 10’ While- reading: 14’ Post - reading : 13’ Homework: 2’ Matching:

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