Tải bản đầy đủ - 219 (trang)
Practice - speaking : 13’ Teaching procedure: Teacher’s and

Practice - speaking : 13’ Teaching procedure: Teacher’s and

Tải bản đầy đủ - 219trang

- Vocabulary: fabric, leather, compost heap, moisture, condensation,
- Skills: Speaking - Listening . B. Teaching aids:
- Lesson plan - poster

C. Teaching procedure: Teacher’s and

sts’ activities I. Warm up:
5’ Play a game.

II. Practice - speaking : 13’

1. Pre - speaking:

Preteach: - Sts read in
chorus 3 times, then
read individually.
Checking technique:
- Matching.
Sts think of words or use words
in unit 10 to complete the table.
Content Network:
waste paper old plastic

1. New words: fabric n giẻ, vải rách

leather n da, v¶i da compost n ph©n xanh
compost heap n đống phân xanh
shovel n cái xẻng moisture n h¬i Èm
condensation n s

ngng ®äng fertilizer n ph©n bãn
Look at the pictures and decide which group each item belongs to:
- Paper: paper, old used paper, old books, cardboard boxes, ....
- Glass: bottles, glasses, jars, ... - Plastic: plastic bags, plastic bottles,
plastic wares, ... - Metal: food cans, drinking cans, tin, ....
- Vegetable matter: fruit peels, vegetables, ...
- Fabric: clothes, pieces of material, .... - Leather: shoes, sandals, school bags, ...

2. Speak: Mapped dialogues:

between you and your partner :

2. While- speaking :

Sts work in pairs , use the pictures
P.91 to ask and answer.

III. Practice -

listening : 12’ 1. Pre - listening
: Presentation:
- Set the scene. - Sts read the
questions on P.91 and try to predict
the answers. Sts predict the
answers of the questions.

2. While - listening :

Sts listen 4 answers of the
questions in the recording and
check their
prediction, then compare with their
partner: a. What type of
garbage can you put in the compost?
b. Where is the best place for a
compost heap? c. Should you
water the compost? a. You : Which group ...
clothes...? Your partner : Fabric.
You : What can ... with them? Your partner: Recyclepaper or
shopping bags. b. You : Is Are ... plastic?
Your partner : That’ s right. You : What will ... with it?
Your partner: reuse .... ..................
3. Listen: Answer keys:
A. all vegetable matter. B. a place that gets sun and shade.
B. No. B. six months.
Complete the following sentences:
1. vegetable matter 2. meat or grain products
3. this attracts rats 4. gets a few hours of sunlight each
day. 5. it gets plenty of air
6. moisture 7. condensation
8. strong plastic 9. is very wet
10. about six months
Discussion: - Why should we reduce
d. How long does it take before you
can use the compost?
Complete the following
sentences: - Sts listen again to
complete the
sentences. First of all you
must use only 1... . Don’t use any
2... because ... 3.. . Find a place
in your garden that 4... . Use pick or
a shovels to turn the
compost regularly
so 5... .The compost
also needs 6... but it will get this from
7 ... .Cover the heap with a sheet
of 8... if the weather
9... Keeping adding to
the pile and after 10
... , your compost will be ready to use
as fertilizer.

IV. Post - task: 13’

Listen again and check
their answers.
Discussion: - Sts work in
- Do exercise in workbook. - Prepare for the next lesson.

V. Homework: 2’

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Practice - speaking : 13’ Teaching procedure: Teacher’s and

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