Tải bản đầy đủ - 219 (trang)
Practice - speaking : 13’ Practice - listening : 12’

Practice - speaking : 13’ Practice - listening : 12’

Tải bản đầy đủ - 219trang

Week :20 Date of
preparation:15 - 1
Date of teaching: 18 -
Period: 56
Unit 9 : a first - aid course
Lesson 2 : Speak + Listen A. Objectives:
Practice in making and responding to requests , offers and promises.
Listeningto the description of an emergency room for specific information.
- Vocabulary: paramedic, crutch, stretcher, eye chart, treat - treatment, a wheelchair, eyesight.
- Skills: Speaking - Listening .

B. Teaching aids:

- Lesson plan - poster

C. Teaching procedure: Teacher’s and

sts’ activities I. Warm up:
5’ Play a game.
- Sts work in groups, discuss and
write down their ideas about health
and cures.

II. Practice - speaking : 13’

1. Pre - Content

- G1: a headache. - G2: a cold.
- G3: a toothache. 1. Ask and answer the requests, offers,
and promises: Review unit 6 and compare with unit 9

2. Speak:

Some ways to make the dialogues b. S1: Can I get you some medicine
water? S2: Yes, please. That would be nice.
No, I’m fine. Thank you.
speaking: Review: asking
and responding the requests and offers
in unit 6. - Compare with
them in unit 9. Word Cue Drill
pictures - Sts can use not
only “ will” but also
“ Would”, “ Can”, “ Could”, ...
- Then Sts can change
these sentences in to the

2. While- speaking :

- Sts work in pairs , use the
phrases P.81 and pictures P. 82 to
make and respond to the requests,
and promises.
Work in group of 4

III. Practice - listening : 12’

1. Pre - listening :

Preteach: - Sts read in
chorus 3 times, or:
S1: Would you get me some medicine? S2: Sure. ...
c. S1: Can I get you some bandage? S2: Yes, please. That would be nice.
or: S1: You are bleeding. What can I do
for you? Or: Could you get me some bandage?
d. You must have a fever. Would you like some medicine?
- Yes, please. No, I’m fine. Thank you. e. I promise I won’t play soccer in the
house again. - I hope so. Don’t forget.

3. New words:

a paramedic a crutch
a stretcher eyesight
eye chart treat v - treatment n
wheel v - wheelchair n 4. Listen:
Matching: A ambulance
B stretcher C crutches
D wheelchair E scale
F eye chart Listen:
Order: F - B - A - D - E - C Answer the questions:
a. Which room can you see in the picture?
b. What is the nurse pushing? c. What does the patient on the stretcher
look like?
then read
individually. Checking
technique: - Rub out and
remember. Matching:
- Sts match letters A, B, C, D, E, and
F to correct words in the box.
Ordering: Sts discuss in
group of 4 and predict the correct
order, then fill in their chosen order
1 , 2, 3, ...

2. While - listening :

- Listen to the tape.
- Check their predict.
Comprehension questions:
a. The emergency room.
b. A wheelchair. c. he doesn’t look
well. His head is bandaged and his
eyes are closed. d. 28.
e. She is trying to stop her child from
d. How many letters does the eye chart consist of?
e . What is the baby’s mother trying to do?

5. Language focus 3:

a. Will you open the door, please? b. Will Can you give it to me, please?
c. Will Can you answer the phone, please?
d. Will Could you turn on the T.V, Nga? e. Will Could you pour a glass of water
for me? f. Will Could you get me a cushion,
please? - Do exercise in workbook.
- Prepare for the next lesson.

IV. Post - task: 13’

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Practice - speaking : 13’ Practice - listening : 12’

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