Tải bản đầy đủ - 219 (trang)
Presentation: 10’ Practice: 14’ Production: 12’ Homework: 3’

Presentation: 10’ Practice: 14’ Production: 12’ Homework: 3’

Tải bản đầy đủ - 219trang

C. Teaching procedure: Teacher’s and sts’ activities

Content I. Warm up: 5’
Matching : P.18 - Match each object with its name.

II. Presentation: 10’

- Checking technique: Rub out and remember.
Present the dialogue: - Set the scene : Nga is going to see the movie
Dream City. She invites Hoa to go with her. Read the dialogue to see if Hoa will go with
Nga or not. - Sts listen to the tape.

III. Practice: 14’

Sts work in pairs to read the dialogue. . T asks : What does Nga say when she
wants: - to talk to Hoa on the phone?
- to introduce herself. - to invite Hoa to see the movie?
- to arrange the meeting place? - to arrange the time?

VI. Production: 12’

Word Cue Drill: - The nightmare Thang Tam movie 7.30
- Ss work in pairs to make similar dialogues.

1. Getting started: a - an answering machine

b - a mobile phone c - a fax machine
d - a telephone directory e - a public telephone
f - an address book

2. New words:

- invite v - agree v
- hold on v - downstairs upstairs

3.Listen and read:

Practice the dialogue with a partner. Read the dialogue again, then ask and
answer the questions: a, Nga made the call.
b, Nga introduce herself. c, Nga invited Hoa to the movies.
d, Nga arranged the place. e, Hoa arranged the time.
f, Nga agreed to the time. Language function:
- “ Can I speak to Hoa, please?” - “ This is Nga I’m Nga”
- “ Would you like to go to the movies?” - “ Let’s meet outside the theater.”
- “ Is 6.30 OK ?”
Word Cue Drill: Ex :
- S1: Hello. Can I speak to .... , please. I’m .....
- S2: Hello ... . I’m .... . How are you? - S1: I’m fine. And you?
- S2: Great . Me too. - S1 : I’m going to see “ The nightmare”

V. Homework: 3’

on at Thang Tam movie theater at 7.30 pm this evening. Would you like to come?
- S2: I’d love to. What time shall we meet?
- S1 : Is 7.00 pm Ok? - S2: Where can we meet?
- S1: We’ll meet outside the movie theater. - S2: Yes. Let’s meet at 7pm outside the
movie theater. - Do exercise in workbook.
Prepare for the next lesson.
Week : Date of
preparation: Date of
Period: 8
Unit 2 : Making arrangements.
Lesson 2 : Speak + Listen

A. Objectives:

Tài liệu bạn tìm kiếm đã sẵn sàng tải về

Presentation: 10’ Practice: 14’ Production: 12’ Homework: 3’

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