Tải bản đầy đủ - 24 (trang)
Describing pictures Pre-teaching vocabulary: Task 1

Describing pictures Pre-teaching vocabulary: Task 1

Tải bản đầy đủ - 24trang

Cross words game
- T delivers handouts with a cross word and gives instruction.
1. Your friends often give you on your birthday. 2. What is the day “14-2” called?
3. It’s a celebration in England beginning with “E”. 4. We can see Santa Claus on this day.
5. This day is to celebrate the time you were born. - T calls some Ss to give their answers.
- T checks and gives the correct answers and gives some information about 3- Easter.
- T asks Ss to find the key word. - T leads in the lesson.
- Ss get handouts and
listen to the T’s instruction.
- Ss do the cross words.
- Ss work in pair to make comparison.
- Ss answer: 1- Present
2- Valentine 4- Christmas
5- Birthday. -Ss answer: It’s
“Party”. -Ss listen
Pre- Reading

1. Describing pictures

- T asks Ss to look at the pictures, work in pair to answer the questions.
1. What is the relation between the people in the pictures? 2. What are they celebrating?
- T calls some Ss to give their answers. - T gives comments and suggested answers:
Picture 1: they belong to a family. They are celebrating a birthday.
Picture 2: they might belong to a family. They are celebrating a wedding anniversary.

2. Pre-teaching vocabulary:

Markv: đánh dấu Milestonen: cột mốc
Goldena: bằng vàng Golden anniversaryjubilee: đám cới vàng
Silver anniversaryjubilee: đám cới bạc Diamond anniversaryjubilee: đám cới kim c¬ng
- Before teaching these words, T helps Ss to pronounce them correctly.
- T presents or elicits the meanings of these words from the class.
- T gets Ss make sentences with these words. - T gives corrective feedback.
Work in pair
- Ss work in pair and answer the questions.
- Ss give their answers. - Ss listen.
- Ss write new words in their notebooks.
- Ss practice pronouncing these
words. - Ss make sentences.
- Ss listen.
- T sets the scene: You are going to read about how
- Ss listen. 30
While you read
American people celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Then you do the tasks that follow.

1. Task 1

- T gets Ss to read the passage silently and then do Task 1. T may want to give them some tips to do the task.
+ First, Ss should skim the seven statements to understand them. As Ss do this they underline the key words to decide
what information they need to find in the Text. + Then they should go back to the passage and locate the
key words in the passage. + Then they should read the key words carefully to find the
answer. - T gets Ss to check their answers with a peer.
- T calls on some Ss to give their answers and asks them to explain their choices.
- T checks the answers with the whole class. Answers:
birthday wedding 1. People sing a song
 2. People eat cakes.
 
3. People receive cards and gifts from friends and relatives.
 
4. People joke about their ages. 
5.People remember their wedding days.
 6. People go out to dinner.
 7. People blow out candles, one for
each year. 

2. Task 2

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Describing pictures Pre-teaching vocabulary: Task 1

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