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Teaching procedures: Stage Pre-teach vocabulary:

Teaching procedures: Stage Pre-teach vocabulary:

Tải bản đầy đủ - 72trang

Date: 10 2006 Unit 2 clothing
Period 9: Listen Language focus 1 I,Aim : To listen for specific information and further practice on the present perfect
with for or since. II, Objective: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to listen for specific information,
describe what people are wearing and know how to use the present perfect III, Teaching aids: Textbook, teacher’s book, tape, cassette

IV, Teaching procedures: Stage

Steps Activities Work arangement
Warm up
Pre- listening
While- Revision:
-Ask Ss to look at the pictures on page 16 and answer the questions about each of them.
+What are these? ? What is this ? +What color are these ? What color is this ?

I, Pre-teach vocabulary:

Announcement n: thông báo, loan báo Missing: lost : mất tích, thất lạc
Entrance n : lối vào Fair n: an event when people or company bring
their products for you to look at or buy: héi chỵ Floral pants n : quần hoa
Polka dot skirt n: váy hoa chấm trßn Boots n: đng, pèt
Checking vocabulary: Slap the board Prediction: Describe the lost little girl.
Whole class
T- whole class
Group work What is Mary wearing ?
a b
c Group 1
Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Z Teacher : Trinh Thi Nguyet 15
Set the scene: You wil hear an announcement
about a lost little girl called Mary. -Ask Ss to listen and answer the questions:
+How old is she? She is three +Where was she last seen? near the main entrance
to the Car Fair +What is she like? She has short dark hair
-Ask Ss to listen and check  the letter of the correct picture to show what Mary is wearing.
Answers: a, B She is wearing blue shorts
b, A She is wearing a long- sleeved blouse. c, C She is wearing brown shoes.
-Get Ss to describe a friend of theirs. How old is she he? What does shehe look like?
What type of clothing is she he wearing ? Presenting structures:
-Have Ss look at the dialogue on page 19 and review the present perfect tense with since for.
- For + a period of time - Since + a point of time
The present perfect is used to talk about smt which started in the past and continues up to the present.
-Get Ss to use the information in the table to make similar dialogues.
-Have Ss practice the dialogues with partners. -Direct Ss to ask each other :
+How long have you known
? ……
S: I have known .. since for
…… ……………
-Ask Ss to write in their notebook what they have described to their friends about one of their friends
and the conversation b, c.
Z Teacher : Trinh Thi Nguyet 16
Date: 10 2006 Unit 2 clothing
Period 10: Read I,Aim: To read the text for details
II, Objective: Ss will be able to understand more about jeans III, Teaching aids: textbook, tape, cassette, pictures

IV, Teaching procedure: Stage

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Teaching procedures: Stage Pre-teach vocabulary:

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