Tải bản đầy đủ - 121 (trang)
Contents: -Vocabulary : Teaching procedures 1.Warm-up:Jumbled words

Contents: -Vocabulary : Teaching procedures 1.Warm-up:Jumbled words

Tải bản đầy đủ - 121trang

b. She wears ...... c. How do their children feel when they see Dr Lai?
d. Dr Lai help children........ - Guessing the answers
While listening:
- Have the Ss listening the tape while they copy the informations they hear. - compare
- ? Ss answer the questions in the book. - answers key:
a. She is a dentist. b. She wears uniform.
c. Most the Ss feel scared when they saw drLai. d. She explainsWhat wil happenIf you dont keep your teeth clean.
Pre reading
- Introducesthe passage. - Vocabulary.
Check : what and where
a surgery serious to check please
smile notice
-Pre questions: How does Dr Lai help Minh?
How does Minh feel?
While reading:
Ss read the text and answer the pre questions. 4.Post reading:
-Complete the storyP 104. - Recall
- Ss retell the story . 5. Home work:
Ask Ss do exercises in the workbook. Retell th estory using the present Simple
_______________________________ __________________________________
Date Period 67 - Unit 10 Healthy and hygiene
B. A bad toothache.
Lesson 6 B4 I. Objectives: After finishing lesson Ss will be able to :
Making question Why and giving the answer with because to talk about causes.

II. Contents: -Vocabulary :

III. Teaching aids: Book, pictures, tape, catsette, extra board....
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: Bùi Nhật Lanh

IV. Teaching procedures 1.Warm-up:Jumbled words


2 Pre teach :

- Presentation text: This is Minh . Hes in the dentists. - Teacher uses
B1 and B3 to set the sentences. - Model sentences:
Why does Minh s tooth hurt? because he has a cavity.
3 While teach: Wordpictures drill: Example exchange
a. Minhs tooth hurt Why does Minhs tooth hurt ? have cavity Because he has a cavity
b. He nervous Why is he nervous? see dentist. because He see the dentist.
c. cavity not serious Why is not the cavity seriuos? small Because it is small.
d. He happy teeth ok.
True Fasle repetition drill. Teacher reads: Students
- Minh goes to the dentist because he has a toothache. repeat - He is scared because the dentist is not kind. silent
- He is scared because he hates the sound of the drill repeat - The cavity is not serious because its small. repeat
- Minhs tooth hurts because he always brushes his teeth silent 4
Post teach: Noughts and crosses.
Example exchange: S1 Why do you go to the dentist?
S2 Because I have a toothache.
Go dentist Have toothache Not go ? school toothache a eat a lot of sweets b toothache c
feel better nervous? happy? toothstop hurting d see dentist e teeth fine F
have toothache not scared? tooth hurt?
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: Bïi NhËt Lanh
forgetbrush teeth g dentist kind h cavity i
5. Home work: ? Ss do exercises in the workbook.

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Contents: -Vocabulary : Teaching procedures 1.Warm-up:Jumbled words

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