Tải bản đầy đủ - 121 (trang)
While listening: Pre teach While teach - Ask the Ss read the questions. Post teach

While listening: Pre teach While teach - Ask the Ss read the questions. Post teach

Tải bản đầy đủ - 121trang

4 The stamps for her letter costs 9000 dong. 5 The envelopes and the stamps are 11500 dong.

3. While listening:

-? Ss listen and check their True ? False Prediction. - Ss read out the answers
- Teacher corrects 1 F 2 T 3 F 4 F 5 T
Lucky number:
1 Where is your nearest Post office? 2. Lucky number.
3. Where will Liz mail her letter to ? 4. How much is the letter to the U.S.A?
5. How much are the envelopes Liz need? 6. Lucky number
7. How much does Liz pay altogether? 8. How much change does Liz have?
Answer Key: 1 Ss answer
2. lucky number 3. to the U.S.A.
4. 9500 dong. 5. 2000 dong.
6. lucky number. 7. 11500 dong.
8. 3500 dong. 4. Post listening:
Questions - Answers writing 1. Where is the nearest Post office ?
2. How can you get there ? 3. What can you buy there?
4. How much is it to mail a letter in Viet nam ? 5. What else can you do at the Post office ?

5. Home work : Ask Ss do exercises in the workbook.

_______________________________ __________________________________ Date:
Period 50 - unit 8: places B. At the post office
lesson 5: B2,3 I.
Objectives : By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to:
Further listening practice in asking and telling the price II. Contents: -Vocabulary : an envelope, a stamp, change
- Structure: to send a letter, to mail a letter, to cost III. Teaching aids:
Book, pictures, tape, catsette, extra board....
Giáo viên
: Bùi Nhật Lanh
IV. Teaching procedure: 1.Warm-up: ?

2. Pre teach

B2. Listen and read. Then answer the questions. - Teacher introduces the situation of the dialogue.
- Have the Ss listen to the tape once. - Find out the vocabulary.
local stamp oversea
regularyly phone card
oversea mail - Read the vocabulary.

3. While teach - Ask the Ss read the questions.

- Let Ss read the dialogue carefully and find the answer to the questions. have Ss write their answer on the paper
- compare with each other. - Two Ss ask and answer the questions in pair.
- Teacher corrects. Two pairs of Ss practice the dialogue in front of the class.
Answers: a. Hoa needs some local stamps, some stamps for overseas mail and a phone card.
b. Because she has a penpal in America. c. She needs a phone card to call her parents

4. Post teach

B3 Complete the dialogue. Then make similar ones with a partner. Ask and answer the price.
- The Ss read the dialogue themseves. - The Ss compare their answers with each other.
- Ask two pairs of Ss to read the dialogue in front of class. - Teacher corrects.
5. Home work ______________________________ __________________________________
Period 51 Unit 8 Places B. At the post office.
Lesson 6 B 4, 5

A. Objectives: After finishing lesson Ss will be able to: - listening comprehention.

- Open practice about the price. B. Teaching procedures

1. Warm up: 2. Pre listening

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While listening: Pre teach While teach - Ask the Ss read the questions. Post teach

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