Tải bản đầy đủ - 121 (trang)
Pre teach: Pre teach: - Vocabulary: Check : Rub out and remember

Pre teach: Pre teach: - Vocabulary: Check : Rub out and remember

Tải bản đầy đủ - 121trang

tghirh = bright teiinrgesn = interesting leoudici =dilicious
dogo = good tieaufubl = beautiful lelovy = lovely

2. Pre teach:

- Vocabulary: check : What and where awful
bad boring
Presentation: use the picture on page 30 Model Sentences
What an expensive dress 3. While teach:
Wor cue drill Example exchange Dress expensive S1 The dress is expensive.
restaurant awful S2 : Yes. What an expensive dress. day wet
movie boring. 4. Post teach :
Ss give compliments or make complaints with What a an + adj + noun Example exchange
S1: The dinner is dilicious S2 : Yes. What dilicious dinner.
Noughts and crosses dinner movie restaurant
boy shirt room
girl house party

5. Home work:

? Ss do excerse 2 in workbook.
___________________________ ______________________________________
Date Period 15 - unit 3: AT HOME

b.Hoas family lesson 4 - B 1,3

Giáo viên
: Bùi NhËt Lanh

I. Objectives: After finishing lesson Ss will be able to:

Reading the textfor main ideas, details and job vocabulary. II. Contents: -Vocabulary : to raise, take care of,
n cattle, a journalist, a newspaper. III. Teaching aids:
Book, pictures, tape, catsette, extra board.... IV. Teaching procedure:
1. Warm up : Networds farmer worker
Job journalist

2. Pre teach: - Vocabulary: Check : Rub out and remember

to raise to takecare of
cattle a journalist
a newspaper
- Matching B3 P35 use extra board A farmer writes for a newspaper
A doctor work on the farm A journalist teaches in a school
A teacher takes care of sick peiple. - Set the sence B1 - 33
- TF statement prediction:
a. Hoas father is a worker . b. Her mother does the housework and helps on the farm
c. Her sister is 10. d. Lans father takes care of sick children.
e. Her mother is a doctor. f. Her brother works on a farm.
3. While reading - ? Ss read the dialogue and check their prediction.
- Teacher gives answer key. Comprehention questions Now answer p 33,34
T asks: Noughrs and crosses
a h c e b f
Giáo viên
: Bùi Nhật Lanh
I d g
Questions from a to f in the book. g. What does Lans father do ?
h. Does Her mother teach in a school? I. What is her brothers job?

4. Post reading:

Tài liệu bạn tìm kiếm đã sẵn sàng tải về

Pre teach: Pre teach: - Vocabulary: Check : Rub out and remember

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