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(3) The concept of supervisory relationship even today remains one of the most influential in supervision. Supervisory relationship includes the collaboration for change involving mutual agreement and understanding of the goals and tasks of supervisio...

(3) The concept of supervisory relationship even today remains one of the most influential in supervision. Supervisory relationship includes the collaboration for change involving mutual agreement and understanding of the goals and tasks of supervisio...

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well as the bonds of supervisor and supervisee to sustain the relationship. Muson (21)also
mentioned trust within supervisory relationship as a requirement to effective supervision.
Shulman also included rapport and caring as elements to a positive supervisory
When being asked about the relationship between supervisor and supervisee, the
result showed that all respondents agreed that there was a low level of trust between them
and their supervisors. In term of rapport and caring, the same answer was received that
there was almost no caring and rapport from their direct supervisors.
Secondly, training is also a cause that leads to effective or ineffective supervision
especially soft-skill training. Training in supervisory behaviors can be listed as soft-skill
training including head-nodding; smiling; minimal encourage; frequent eye contact;
warm, encouraging, and approving voice tone; and use of hand gestures. In reality of
FPT, there is high shortage of soft-skills trainings for supervisor which impact
effectiveness of supervision. Data collection from interviews with Mr. Vu Thanh Tung,
he said that very few people in FPT have strengths in soft-skill such as communication,
and do his direct managers. This is a root cause from training issue, too. At this moment,
there is no training in terms of listening skill, understanding and communication skill.
And you know, it is not true that everyone can communicate well. Therefore, soft-skill
training issue should be included to be given priority to be solved.
Thirdly, gender-related leadership issue is also mentioned as one of three causes to
ineffective supervision. Comer, Lucette B(22) confirmed that female sales manager is still
a relative rarity. Therefore, management of the industrial sales force is an important

target for women's achievement if they are to break through the "glass ceiling" and gain
access to top management positions. To accomplish this, women must first demonstrate
their ability to supervise the activities of field sales personnel. Rosen and Jerdee's(22)
stated that subordinates of both genders were more satisfied with a contingent reward
policy when supervised by males than they were with a similar program managed by
females. Watson(22) also found out that in one organization, men were found to be
significantly more receptive than women to female managers who emphasized a
participative, warm, informal supervision style.
When being asked, Mr. Vu Thanh Tung and Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Hoa all agreed that
most of managers in FPT Retail JSC are female but it cannot affect their supervision
effectiveness. On the contrary, among three interviewees, Mr. Ly Quoc Tien shared that
female managers usually make decision on their emotions and feelings.
However, factor of gender-related leadership was not emphasized too much to be a
cause which needs to be tackled urgently. Besides, to improve gender-related leadership
issue, it is related to a long process of recruitment which cannot be solved in the limited
time and resources of this thesis.
Among three causes listed in the previous part and clearly showed in final cause
and effect map, the factor of supervisory relationship is emphasized to be the underlying
cause which mostly influenced supervision issue. Due to the lack of communication,
experiences to build up the relationship between management level and staff, supervisory
relationship is not maintained and tied.

To sum up, all three factor of supervisory relationship, soft-skill training, genderrelated leadership issues are existing and important to the central problem of ineffective
supervision. Nevertheless, in the scope of thesis, factor of supervisory relationship and
soft-skill training will be selected as causes to the central problem.
2.2.Solution design
With all symptoms, central problem that addressed and discussed above, solutions
have been designed to tackle problems. Obviously, there are three main causes that lead
to central problem of ineffective supervision. Nevertheless, after reviewing the theories
and data from interviews. It’s time to consider factor of supervisory relationship is the
most crucial factor which is a root cause needed to be solved. Since that, solutions have
been disclosed and built up based on literature as well as data from in-depth interview.
According to Britton, Paula J


Techniques to enhance the quality of the

supervisory relationship. As the import of a positive relationship in supervision is
underscored, we explore how this kind of relationship emerges. We reflect on what
counselors do to facilitate the therapeutic relationship and promote a discussion as to
what is different about supervisory relationships. Included in this section is information
about properly setting up supervision, developing a working contract, assessing the
supervisee, and goal setting.
Mr. Huynh Quang Long said “Our Company needs to reschedule and allocate
suitable time for feedback, listen and understand each other more. We need time for
supervisors and sale staff/employees”. Currently in FPT Retail JSC, supervisors and

supervisees focus too much on their daily tasks, they don’t have the mutual goal setting,
usually the management style here is top-down or “command and control’’
Short-term solution: Solution to build and reinforce supervisory relationship
The first action should be from Human Resources Department. They must be
person in charge to fulfill and build up this supervisory relationship better. It cannot be a
simple meeting, it will be a face to face meeting, to for reviewing what has been done
monthly, exchange opinions on how to foster or enhance skills of sales, soft-skills…This
will be an internal meeting and exchanging ideas on how to improve supervisory
relationship and enrich the internal communication. In addition to that, to enhance this
supervisory relationship, regardless the effectiveness of internal communication and
exchanging ideas, teambuilding and outdoor social activities should also be reinforced
and strengthened.. Ellis(23) already specified that the supervisory relationship was
identified as the most important element in supervision by the supervisee. Theoretically
and conceptually, it is presumed that the supervisory working alliance contributes to
supervisee growth and development. Therefore, creating a strong working alliances with
mutual agreement based on the goal setting, assessing supervisee, not only receiving
orders or request from top to down.
Having short talks with Mr. Huynh Quang Long who is Training Manager and
discussed with him this solution and we all shared the benefit cost analysis as below
• Supervisor and supervisee can bridge the gap in communication, in order that the
supervisory relationship must be reinforced.

• Supervisors have more time to care the individuals than before, listen and
understand them clearly.
• Employees have more time to talk, then learn and gain experience from their
• Have greater chance for employees to perform better
• Managers as supervisors can really understand and look into the true potentials for
assigning and proposing right.
• It is high time for supervisors to redesign the way of leading and supervising
which is really suitable and effective for employees.
• With greater supervisory relationship, strong and mutual agreement on goal
setting, employee satisfaction and performance will be on the rise.
• The entire cost (including team building and social activities) consists of
transportation cost, room/hotel reservation fee, catering cost, materials and
facilities fee and depends on the time length (usually 2 days).
• The amount will be calculated by Human Resources Department of FPT Retail
JSC as below:

Long-term solution: Comprehensive solution to training and communication
Provide frequent training quarterly to manager’s level. Topic of training will be
discussed between Sales Team and Human Resources Department prior to the training,
mainly in soft-skills trainings but not limited to listening skill, interpersonal skills. The
trainers will be senior voluntary expert from various countries working for GovernmentOffice under the projects. This solution will be more comprehensive with the
combination of the teambuilding activities as series of actions. Trainers also join this
series of actions as an underlying part of FPT Retail JSC. And time by time, trainers can
be very familiar with activities, get familiar with management level at company to
become a consulting groups of company.
The problem of ineffective supervision is also caused by training issues at FPT
Retail JSC at this moment. According to Lindo, David K(24) : A training program can help
supervisors learn how to oversee the work of others and make the effort necessary to
meet subordinates' needs. A good training strategy should help supervisors make the
transition into management, encourage supervisors to develop important supervisory
skills, and provide continuing direction for career development. A supervisory training
program that begins prior to management appointments will pay off by increasing the
productivity and quality of supervisors. Mr. Huynh Quang Long shared that at FPT now,
they usually train new hires from technical to soft-skills techniques, however, because
they are facing the fact of high turnover rate, they have to recruit very regularly, then they
provide training in a quite short time then get them on-board. For some cases, new hires

failed in their tests, and after many times they also have to get them on-board, because
they need them. However, for manager’s level, it rarely provides regular soft-skill
training due to their workload and time management. Training team just update them new
products, how to use, which mean technical skills. Soft-skills training is really
importance which decides supervision style. Jain, Samta(25) indicated that soft skills have
become an essential quality for managers to effectively manage their team and job in the
corporate world irrespective of the sector. Along with professional qualification and
domain knowledge, today's professionals need to possess a high soft skills quotient in
order to succeed in this competitive era.
After talking with Training Manager of FPT Digital Retail JSC, cost and benefit
analysis was discussed as below:
• Both combine actions in one as a very comprehensive solution for training and
supervisory relationship issue.
• Create not only stronger relationship inside the company, but also trainers from
outside to make a further cooperation
• Saving expense from hiring senior voluntary experts working and living in
Vietnam who are very experienced and helpful, dedicated
• An open environment has been created that challenges management level to
improve their English ability.
• Learn practical things from international trainers and get experienced.

• Expense is allocated to training material cost, interpretation fee, accommodation
and transportation cost, team building activities fee.
• The quotation for 1 course (2 days)built by HR department as below:

Solution evaluation by design requirements
Design requirements are compared and analyzed between the first and the second
solution as below
Design requirements

First solution

Second solution

Functional requirements

This solution can help to solve central This solution will solve current
problem at FPT Retail JSC but in problem as a business problem at
short-term only, this is certainly FPT Retail JSC and the analysis of
usable and effective at the beginning benefit-cost shows that the benefits
time to connect people in company

exceed the costs

User requirement

Management level has to take high Managers’ level at FPT will have
responsibility to raise voice and guild time to get used to new regulation of
everyone to follow. There are also training
penalties to management level

Boundary condition




regulation if needed.

This new training program totally This new training program totally
complies with legal requirements, complies with legal requirements,
including those on health and safety. It including those on health and safety.
also complies with present business It





policies of the company and fit the business policies of the company
present company culture

Design restrictions

and fit the present company culture.

This project should take no more than The project should take no more
12 months (shorter term) and the than 24 months (longer term)
reality of this solution will change the The reality of this solution will
present business system

change in the present business

3.1.Introduction to selected solution
With the hope to develop and build FPT Retail JSC as a stronger brand name and
more attractive company in the eyes of foreign investors. FPT now is trying to solve the
existing problems inside the company. And, ineffective supervision at company currently
must be addressed and tackled as an urgent need which produces more company
productivity and reduces turnover rate. In addition to that, implementing the solution to
solve this center problem may help management level in adjusting and look back to
themselves to give out the better way of supervision. As well, it provides opportunities to
see their employees clearer and truly. For employees, they have time and opportunities to
raise their voice, share and understand their supervisors. Since that, they can find a better
way to make greater contribution to the development of company instead of stress,
burnout and dissatisfaction. Form that, the management and leadership style can also be
changed, from the top-down to bottom-up management. One more important thing is that,
gender-related leadership is highly considered as a cause as well. So, training topics also
focus on this issue as an alarming concern in organization mainly managed by female.
And the longer-term solution should be selected.
3.2.Details plan
To fulfill and make this solution doable, there should have cooperation and join
hands between management level and employee’s level. However, management level has
to raise their voice first and divide company into four different teams: management team,

admin team, training team, logistics team. This activity of teambuilding and training will
be taken three times a year
Criteria set to do this plan :
• This plan should take no more than 24 months
• There must be the strong cooperation between employees and management level
• Must be effective and doable
• After first 6 months applied, supervisor relationship must be enhanced.
The actions to implement this solution is a step by step action
Firstly, Admin team proposes an assessment form to the management level and
gets approved from that.
The assessment form will contain the information below
• Name of supervisor/supervisee
• How long of working and supervised by supervisors
• Evaluate based on measuring scales from none to very good
• The final part will be the comment or contributing opinions and their opinions on
this new plan/project
• Signature
Assessment will be carried out by all sales members from staff to management
level and it takes about 3 months
Then, after receiving the result of assessment, managers or staff those get bad
evaluation will be in the list to join the first training section and team building
activities in surrounding areas.